Ute Tray

With years of experience in the industry, and thousands of UTE trays already sold, we are considered to be the leading company in Australia for UTE tray manufacturing. We provide a wide range of options for all kinds of commercial vehicle manufacturers. Regardless of your tray body needs and vehicle type, you can rely on our high quality trays to make sure your commercial operations don’t come across any hassles. Our high quality products and reasonable prices have allowed us to build a strong reputation in the industry.

For years, our company has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of truck bodies, accessories, and of course, UTE trays. Our products are 100% manufactured in Australia in a wide range of materials. We deliver products throughout the country, and make sure delivery is always in time. Besides this, we also sometimes handle exports overseas.

World Class Quality

Our company assures high quality, and always focuses on delivering the best products to customers in Australia. We conform with recognized, multiple International standards to make sure every product manufactured by our company is designed to precise and exact specifications. We have always been proud of our services and our high customer retention rate. Our strong reputation in the industry is a testament to our high quality services.

Our motto has always been to deliver quality products at the right price. Our employees are committed to designing, manufacturing and offering high quality products at the best price in the industry. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals is always focused on cost reduction activities and continual improvement. Our ability to build long lasting relationships with customers has allowed us to come up with a huge customer base.

We are a quality assured company, and conform to international standards of testing. We operate under a closed-structured management system to make sure our technologies are used by only our qualified and experienced professionals. We are currently making constant efforts to improve our systems, and ensure that you won’t find better custom made trailers or UTE trays in the market.

Our Staff

What sets us apart from our competition is a team of experienced, qualified, skilled and dedicated professionals working everyday to improve quality products and services. We provide our staff members with a happy, healthy and safe working environment, which is transparent and open at all times.

We also lay emphasis on personal improvement to make sure our customers are happy while dealing with our employees. We have also been making constant efforts to make sure our technologies adapt to the Green revolution, and keep spreading across the world to benefit more customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Last but not the least, when you purchase our UTE trays, you also enjoy exceptional customer service. We organize regular training sessions for our staff members to make sure they communicate well with customers. All your queries and doubts will be resolved by our experienced and qualified staff members within a short period of time. With multiple communication channels, our customers can easily get in touch with us regarding any queries or issues.