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Do you plan to buy a camper trailer in Penrith, however, you don’t know how to choose the right purchase?  What if instead of enjoying the weekends and holidays it will turn out to be a nightmare because your camper trailer doesn’t work as it should be?

You are not alone, we’ve been hearing the same things from other people and throughout the Camper Trailers in Penrith community.

Camper trailers Penrith: Why you should choose us?

So to give you a quick hint, National Trailers and Campers pulled some common Camper Trailer Buying NIGHTMAREs:

  • The bed didn’t sit flush to the trailer having a gap.
  • The installation was difficult because the bed base was actually warped.
  • The quality of the zippers was poor, it was breaking.
  • The doors didn’t line up correctly.
  • The quality of gaps was not to standard, sections were so flimsy that it broke under first use.
  • The quality of the strapping on the cover either broke when tied down.
  • There was no sealing material anywhere.
  • The storage box leaked.
  • The brackets to hold the gas bottles were too small.


Yes! These are common camper trailer horror stories that we must be keen of. Don’t be too excited for your purchase, instead, ask the manufacturer about these things.

Question and Answer Guidelines from Australian Manufactured Camper Trailers Organization

  • What is the most important component in a camper trailer? The canvas tent.
  • Why? If it leaks or has condensation or mildew problems a holiday can be ruined and the camper is not fit for the purpose.
  • How do I know if the canvas is fit for the purpose? It should comply to the Australian standard for canvas AS 2001.2.18.1987 which is also the military standard.
  • How do I know if the canvas meets this standard? Australian canvas manufactured by Wax Converters, Bradmill and Defab meets this standard.
  • Does imported Chinese canvas meet this standard? Tests by the RMIT carried out on the canvas of three-leading importers of Chinese campers show each is very similar and falls far short of the Australian standard.
  • What are the main tests for waterproofness? The cone test. Results, Australian canvas leaks less than 1 ml. Chinese canvas leaked in the RMIT tests an average of 54ml.
  • Is there another waterproofness test? The hydrostatic head test. Australian canvas averaged 53 KPA Chinese canvas averaged 6 KPA
  • Is imported 14 Oz ripstop canvas really 14 oz? CSIRO tests carried out on typical Chinese canvas claimed to be 14 oz averaged only 11 to 11.2 oz.
  • How do I know if the canvas is Australian? Look for these labels sewn into the tent.
  • Does the canvas appearance indicate quality? No. The performance properties are invisible. Only prescribed tests will give the answer. e.g. UV stability.


Camper Trailers Penrith wants you to have a complete confidence in purchasing a camper trailer, so we laid these things to you. Oh sorry, we’re the one exposing these to you! It’s because we care and we value your hard earned money.

Be clever enough to examine if the company you’re buying for conforms to the Australian standard for Aussie condition.

Aren’t you satisfied yet? Don’t leave your questions unanswered and VISIT US Camper Trailers Penrith for