Camper Trailers Parramatta

camper trailers parramatta

Not sure which Camper Trailer is best for you? Have you ever wondered how many different categories of travel trailers there are?

We know you are overwhelmed with the huge list of Camper Trailers available in the market today and just don’t know which of them best fits you. We just hope there is a resource online that lists all of them. Well, Camper Trailers Parramatta do care for your purchase, so we’ve listed the 3 Toughest Camper Trailers without breaking your bank, so looking at them is a piece of cake.

But first, here’s a quick Categories of Camper Trailers as promised.

Pull-behind Travel Trailers
The most common type of travel trailer. The real deal for both new and seasoned campers.

Toy Haulers
A toy hauler is a pull-behind trailer or fifth wheel with extra space for a motorcycle, ATV, or another toy.

Pop-Up Campers
These are compact trailers that fold up when you’re camping but fold into a very small and light package for towing.

Large and luxurious, fifth wheels connect to your pickup truck with a special hitch.

Teardrop Trailers
Teardrops are extremely small and lightweight – you can pull them with a sedan.

Truck Campers
Truck campers are like trailers, but they fit in the back of your pickup truck.
Here are some best-priced quality Camper Trailers in Parramatta

Extreme Off-Road Camper Trailer $6,999.00

Extreme Off-Road Camper trailers are custom built for the Australian condition 7 x 4ft (2100 X 1200mm) Off Road with load capacity (GVM): 750kg, all in heavy duty and full features. Camper Trailers Parramatta designed this model in a way options can be added over time to evolve into something personalized. The camper is simple to use and is a comfortable starter model yet with professionally built in gear; high sides (500mm Deep), Full Tube Chassis (50 x 50 RHS), Solid square 40mm Axle, 7 lift springs, Land cruiser 6 Stud 4WD Hubs, swing gate door and way more awesome features.

Off-Road Camper Trailer $5,500.00

Off Road Camper Trailers by National Trailers and Campers is a 7 x 4ft (2100 X 1200mm) Off road. It comes with Full Tube Chassis, Heavy Duty 100 x 50mm Drawbar for extra strength, load capacity (GVM): 750kg and lots of free features. This Camper Trailer incorporates a long drawbar that supports a poly block coupling, mechanical handbrake, swing-up jockey wheel, angled stone guard with stone-stopper mudflaps, mounted spare on the drawbar with brand new wheels, large checker plated alloy tool box with hinged lids plus FREE steel kitchen with hand pump tap, 60 litre water tank fitted and plumbing, bike rack and many more cool features.

On-Road Camper Trailer $4,500.00

National Trailers and Campers designed On-Road Camper Trailer for both budget-conscious new and seasoned campers. This 7 x 4ft (2100 X 1200mm) family-friendly On Road, heavy-duty with a load capacity of (G.V.M) 750kg is perfect for hardy campers. This comes with hybrid gear, built in fully professional parts with Brand New On Road Sunraysia Wheels, and many more. Go check its full features at National Camper Trailers Parramatta.
All these Camper Trailers are also available in Aluminum or options of Blue and Charcoal. Do not miss National Trailers and Campers as they also tailor make best Aussie trailers just for you.