camper trailer manufacturer

Camper Trailer Manufacturer

There are different types of trailers available on the market that you can buy for your traveling or camping needs in Australia. If you’re interested in getting best value for money, you should choose a box trailer. They are in all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Perth. They can be attached to the back of your minivan or pickup truck. They allow you to carry your equipment or supplies that you might need for traveling to far off places or for camping outdoors.

When searching for a camper trailer manufacturer, you should first try to decide on the size that suits your needs. If you’re not sure, you can discuss this with your chosen camper trailer manufacturer and he will advise you as per your needs. If you always bring large equipment when you go hiking or camping, you should make sure they easily fit inside the trailer. If you want best quality trailer, you should consider buying a new one from the camper trailer manufacturer, National Trailers.

There are so many benefits of investing in a camper trailer. Let’s have a close look at few of them.

Reasons to choose National Trailers as your preferred Camper trailer manufacturer

More room for your equipment and supplies

As we discussed earlier, you get more room in a camper trailer, which allows you to neatly pack your supplies and equipment that will make camping more convenient and easier. You can bring along your tent, portable stove, clothes, sleeping bags, and many other things that may not easily fit in your vehicle. In fact, camper trailer manufacturers can even build seats in your trailer where your family and friends can comfortably sit in case they want to tag along. These type of trailers are best for biologists who need to set up their temporary lab in the wilderness or photographers who need to bring bulky equipment to the venue.

Security and protection

National Trailers & Campers can also install sophisticated lock mechanism to your camper trailer to keep your equipment and supplies secure. This is important when you’re camping alone or with other campers. You won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your equipment because they’re safely stored inside your secure box trailer.

Transporting a wheelchair

It’s very difficult to travel with a person who uses a wheelchair especially the chair that can even fit at the back of a car or van. In this case, camper trailer can be of great help as it can be attached to the back of your car for different luggage. You can simply place the wheelchair in the rear panel of the camper trailer.

Cost effective

Camper trailers are much cheaper than caravans, even the brand new ones. This is mainly because they do not come with built in installations or furniture like the ones you can easily find in caravans. This is the best option for all those who have a limited budget. These trailers are ideal for all those who often change their mind about their hobbies. These types of people might be interested in camping now, but within next few moths they may switch to another hobby that may not require trailers.

Camping trips

Sometimes you might be forced to spend time inside your car in the middle of your long journey especially if you don’t have enough money to rent a lodge. In these circumstances, box trailers come in handy as they can serve as a good camping air. Many camper trailers come with additional accessories and most of them can be easily unfolded into a wide camping tent during the night. Many even have tiny windows to give it a real tent style touch. Their folding backside serves as a main entrance through which you can easily get inside.

Easy to clean and maintain

You can easily clean camper trailers because they do not have installations or compartments. You just need to mop or sweep the wide rectangular flooring to keep it clean. Maintenance is also easy because box trailer has very few parts. It has no engine that needs frequent tune ups or repairs. You just need to make sure it’s different parts are in good condition like the floor and roof.


As compared to caravan, camper trailers are easier to pull because they’re lighter. This is definitely an important benefit in rugged terrain that has many slopes. They also don’t require large trucks with higher horsepower. Since they’re lightweight, they won’t need as much fuel as heavier caravans.

They are small recreational vehicles

If your kids prefer sleeping during the journey, you can easily turn your camper trailer into a small recreational room for them. It has sufficient space that can be used as the small room once it is furnished appropriately. You can even include a bed and a pillow for them.

National trailers is Australia’s number 1 camper trailer manufacturer. They are also available for purchase online. We ship Australia wide. Call us today for a quote or buy online right now!